Welcome to Rare Gem Mi-Ki's LTD, a proud American Mi-Ki Registry Association (AMRA) associate breeder dedicated to excellence and newly recognized United Kennel Club (UKC) affiliation. We are a small, compassionate, holistic breeder of the rare pure bred Mi-Ki (pronounced Mee Kee) toy/ companion class dog, located in Cleveland, Ohio.

We are committed to protecting and advancing the interests of the Mi-Ki breed. Through our careful and intentional selection of quality breeding stock, we breed for health, conformation, and disposition. A portion of our proceeds are donated to animal rescue.

Our health testing includes: OFA certification for eyes, hearts & patellas, as well as blood panels, color genetics, coefficency of inbreeding percentages, DNA VIP verified parentage, DNA certified, and Wisdom Panel Optimal Selection. 

As you browse through our interactive site, you will come to know, appreciate and love the Mi-Ki, a captivating, confident, faithful, and light hearted rare breed dog.  This loving and adaptable breed will give you faithful and loving companionship for years to come.

We breed with a purpose. Adopt differently!

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